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Data management

What goes where

  • one-off plots, photos, pictures of gels: Lab notebook on the wiki
  • Paper drafts, figure drafts, posters, presentation: lab dropbox
  • Experimental data (>100 Mb): Designated server storage. Discussed for your project
  • Code: lab github


We now have two powerful computers (nif3004 and nif3011). They do have limited storage space. A typical workflow should look like this

  1. take data and store locally (your laptop if small) or on nif3004/nif3011
  2. do a rough analysis/brief look and immediately remove complete failures. If you delete data for any reason it needs to be clear in your lab book why! No cherry picking! If unsure talk to me
  3. Run full analysis as soon as possible. Ideally within 2 weeks when your memory is fresh and you can repeat experiment if neccessary
  4. Compress raw data if appropriate and move to backed up storage location. Also back up results there, but these generally should be small enough to be stored locally.

Data organization

Folder naming Bad: Monika_firstTestrun_trial2020_worms
Good: 20200528_MKS0001 and a textfile IN THE SAME FOLDER with the experiment described briefly.
Your lab book should have a corresponding reference with more detailed information about dataset MKS0001. If you have many different datasets you can add the type of experiment eg. 20200528_MKS0003_confocal.

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