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 +====== 2020-01-16 Raspberry Pi reset and SSD performance ======
 +The rapsberry pi set up following the earlier documentation (see my lab book) worked well. Installed pylon and mpeg4 support as well.
 +The SSD can do 200Mbps without UAS enabled. There seems to be an error in UAS support fr raspberry pi. If this is fixed, we could expect up to 350Mbps. For now, running pylon we get a maximum of <90Mbps stable transmission. This is sufficient for 30Hz at 2x2 binning, but not for unbinned data.
 +* check if there are compatible nvme adapters or if sata speeds might suffice
 +* check if moving the OS to the ssd makes pylon use the 200MBPS we get with random writes.
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