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Hardware specs for running the raspberry Pi GPIO

raspberry Pi

got the Labist raspberry kit and touchscreen kit. Für Raspberry Pi 4 Bildschirm mit Lüfter, 3,5-Zoll-Resistive-Touchscreen-Match-Acryl-Gehäuse, 3-teilige Kühlkörper, 320 x 480 Pixel Monitor-TFT-Display

Assembly and startup super simple and out of the box. Need a USB keyboard and mouse for setup, and need to install an onscreen keyboard for basic functions if we are doing this on the touchscreen.


Calculated rough power demand for LED panel (1.2A, max 3.6A and got a power supply with barrel jack). We might be able to get a two-color panel like this from the workshop! need to chat with the guy and see what the output power is we will need.

To get the correct filter, here is a measured neopixel spectrum and mCherry spectrum: from



Current filter is this: 575 LP

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