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 {{ :wiki:documentation:monika:premp_pump_zoom.png|}} {{ :wiki:documentation:monika:premp_pump_zoom.png|}}
 +===== Hypothesis and Experiments =====
 +**H0: Pre-emptive pumping is driven by smell**
 +Increase the numbers of 5h lawn and fresh lawn assay. Find a smell-mutant (eg. odr-7) that shows a defect on 5h lawn.
 +**H1: Pumping is a non-monotonic function of smell**
 +Experiment: Use concentrated supernatant and assay pumping for many smell concentrations.
 +**H2: Pumping and velocity are regulated separately**
 +Need to nail down at what smell level pumping increases and when slow-down happens. Slow down seems to be much much later.
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