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29.7.20 - lab book clean up

  • Lab notebook day!
    • Go back through digital lab notebook and make sure all details from physical notebook are there
    • Add titles to dates for easy navigation
    • Include internal links to protocol or external links to data files
    • Add any missing diagrams/gels if necessary
  • 15:00 - Meeting with Monika to discuss offboarding
2020/07/29 07:14 · nzjacic

27.7.20 - last week plan

2020/07/27 08:37 · nzjacic

24.7.20 - sanity check results

2020/07/24 06:01 · nzjacic

13-17.7.20 - Holiday

2020/07/20 02:11 · nzjacic

06-10.7.20 - Hackathon


This week was the lab Hackathon, where we learned about coding in Python and applied these skills to useful projects that could assist the lab. The days were very packed 9-5s with a BBQ on the Friday, so minimal time could be spent analyzing data or in the lab.


  • Maintained worms and refreshed 15C stock of strains just in case
  • Began analysis of no lawn GRU101 controls (0189, 0190 and 0197) but came across issues with all Notebooks during analysis, mostly to do with incorrect parameter settings e.g. 0189 and 0190 were at 64x magnification so any settings affecting area needed to be adjusted
  • Pushed Pharaglow and batchRun changes to GitHub with Elsa:
    • Can now visualize raw data in Pharaglow and compare the levels of noise/signal in the recording
    • batchRun now skips Notebooks with errors and continues on to the next video in the folder to prevent nights of analysis being wasted because of errors
  • Began building an interactive GUI app with Natascha to make stage control and running the Macroscope autofocus more interactive and simple to use
2020/07/20 02:11 · nzjacic
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