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 ===== Current projects ===== ===== Current projects =====
 +[[wiki:documentation:projectsummaries:pharynxLibrary| Developing A fluorescent library for pharyngeal calcium imaging and optogenetics]]
 +[[wiki:documentation:projectsummaries:freelyMovingPumping| Tracking pumping in a foraging assay]]
-==== Completed projects ====+[[wiki:documentation:projectsummaries:pharynxToolbox| Developing A Toolbox for studying pharyngeal neurons]]
 +[[wiki:documentation:nicolina:project_summary| Smell as a primer for food intake in C. elegans through pre-emptive pumping]]
 +[[wiki:documentation:elsa:labnotes:project_summary|Information compression in an anatomical bottleneck]]
 +===== 'Little' projects  =====
 +Projects for rotation students, short term interns, Bachelor or Masters theses.
 +[[wiki:documentation:maximilian:labnotes:project_summary| C. elegans foraging in response to substrate stiffness]]
 +[[wiki:documentation:projectsummaries:networkmodelling| Modelling the pharyngeal network of C. elegans]]
 +===== Completed projects =====
 +===== Grant-inspiration =====
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