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Developing A fluorescent library for pharyngeal calcium imaging and optogenetics

short summary

While the pharynx contains only 20 neurons, so far few papers have looked at the function of pharyngeal neurons. Existing strains are unsuitable for wholebrain-type imaging and few single-neuron strains with sufficient expression exist. We will develop a library of strains targeting all pharyngeal neurons individually, in groups and pan-pharyngeally. The library will contain mapping strains with fluorophores, GCaMP6s and optogenetics.

Estimated time 1 year
Audience Wormies
Topic Methods


To study computation in the pharynx, we need causal evidence collected in freely moving animals.


Bright, long-lived and specific tagging of single pharyngeal neurons.


split-Gal4 or similar modular strategy

Best possible outcome/result

A full library allowing us to verify all pan-pharyngeal recordings with single neurons. And the opportunity to do single neuron opto in the pharynx!

Required technology

New dependencies

== Theory/ analysis aspects == None == Experimental aspects == Need to develop a validation protocol

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