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Progress Report (Week 17)


  • Wrote a first version of the project summary
  • Data analysis training: Pharaglow
    • Creation of a Github account and a branch to learn how to use it: “elsa_testing”, validation by “committing and pushing” my jupyter notebook.
    • Installation of Anaconda and the required environment
    • Fixed problems with path's names but still working on the problem with saving data at the end of the code(every trajectory in a file)
    • Obtained trajectories from data “MS0006_0_1000frames”
  • Stimulation device
    • Frequency range to test, based on publications: 20Hz to 3KHz
    • Device used in Monika's work on sleep disruption: Piezo Buzzer APS4812B-LW100-R (>100Hz)


  • Correct and post project summary
  • Data analysis training (Pharaglow): extract pharynx features and plot a kymograph from “MS0006_0_1000frames” data
  • Stimulation device:
    • select and order the Piezo Buzzer APS4812B-LW100-R
    • learn using a function generator
  • Get started with the maintenance: See Jun's protocols on the Lab Wiki
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