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 +====== 13-01-2020 ======
 +1: Outcrossing AML283 \\ 
 +Purpose of experiment: AML283 and AML284 both have some defect of egg laying, egg hatching and growth speed. We do not know whether these are due to the insertion of the extrachromosomal arrays (such as inserted into another gene), or due to another mutation from integration. If the later case, then we can get rid of it by outcrossing (unless closely linked). We decide to choose a healthier one to work with. I talked to Nicolina and was told that AML283 is healthier than AML284 in terms of egg laying, egg hatching and growth speed. So I decided to outcross AML283 to see whether we can get rid of the defect. \\ 
 +Plan: Outcross AML283 to N2 (from CGC) and pick 32 F2s to self. If all of the homozygous plates (~8) are similarly sick, then it is probably not due to another mutation.  \\ 
 +Experiment: To save time, I chose the males from the AML283 self-cross plates. In case this does not work, I will wait until the AML283 self-cross grow and then pick the males from there to cross to N2. \\ 
 +2: Thawing test of the frozen worms \\ 
 +BR5602, LP177, LX929, MH2805, MT19454, NH2466, OH14372, PY2417, VM123, VM149, BR5514,N2 CGC, PR678, PR691, VC3113 were subjected to thawing test. \\ 
 +All of them survived, only except VM123, LX929 and PY2417 which have several surviving worms (>4). Although they are fertile, I will re-freeze them to get better surviving efficiency. \\ 
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