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 +====== Camera Mechanics Notes ======
 +  * Exposure controlled by aperture, shutter and metering
 +    * Aperture:
 +      * opening in the lens, size alterable to control amount of light that strikes sensor
 +      * can be set manually but usually set automatically based on calculations influenced by an internal light meter
 +      * usually range from f/1.4 to f/32 in standard increments, as numbers increase each increment halves amount of light entering
 +      * wider opening at lower f-stops narrows range of focus (background blurry when focusing on foreground, vv.)
 +      * this "depth of field" increases as aperture closes!
 +    * Shutter:
 +      * determines duration that light-sensitive surface is exposed to light
 +      * duration is called shutter speed or exposure time
 +      * typical range from 1s to 1/1000s
 +      * very short exposure times can capture fast-moving action and eliminate motion blur
 +      * exposure times increment in powers of two (like aperture settings)
 +    * Metering:
 +      * amount of light entering camera is measured using a built-in light meter or exposure meter
 +      * reading taken through lens used to calculate best exposure settings
 +      * either typically average the light in a scene to 18% middle gray or more advanced > weigh center of frame more heavily (center-weighted metering), considering the differences in light across the image (matrix metering), or take light reading at specific point within image (spot metering)
 +<color #7092be>Together aperture and shutter speed settings determine exposure value (EV), the measure for how much light is recorded during exposure
 +> direct relationship between the two (e.g. if exposure time is lengthened by one step, but aperture narrowed by one step, the amount of light exposing sensor is the same</color>
 +  * Other camera mechanics: lens & focus
 +  * Typical camera stores information on light intensity
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