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 +====== Autofocus Testing ======
 +  * Fluorescence settings: Gain 20 dB; Exposure time 300,000 us
 +    * Problem: Camera focuses on outer ring of hole in bottom instead of lawn
 +    * Tried to lift sample up to different heights to create space between bottom table and sample
 +    * Results at 29.0 mm above table satisfying
 +    * Camera position, height etc was realigned to have focus in middle range (result see below)
 +  * Same set-up was then used to test autofocus with transmission light & settings (Gain 5 dB; Exposure time 300 us)
 +    * Solutions for higher variance at end frames? (Will look at original frames and try to crop them to see how this alters variance)
 +  * Distance to table should be provided once the petridish holder is used
 +  * Other suggestion to improve set-up: it seems that cables at the top can restrict camera movement (can cause side ward motion), think of structure to relief weight
 +{{ :wiki:documentation:wiki:documentation:natascha:autofocustest20200615.png?nolink |}}
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