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  • Sync INF103 for Thursday recordings
  • Sync GRU101 for Thursday recordings
  • Maintain INF102 adults for picking on Thursday
  • Check whether faint outline of lawn is present in fresh OP50-GFP and fresh OP50-RFP lawns
    • Not very visible in OP50-GFP lawns
    • Still quite large in fresh OP50-RFP lawns
    • Will take this into account by looking at insideHeadIntensity (level of fluorescence inside the pharynx)
  • Create test folder for Monika to test whether pharaglow can run data for an entire strain on its own - settings seem consistent enough to do so and would save me a lot of time - could leave it to run overnight so long as it doesn't get in the way of Natascha's eventual recordings
  • Check to see when next batch of mutants will be ready from Jun to plan ahead strain order:
    1. INF103
    2. INF102
    3. INF101 (gone that weekend –> Natascha)
    4. odr-4 (Natascha simultaneously?)
    5. unc-31
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