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Monika log 10.1.20


  • Seed 3 different lawn concentrations
  • Starve around 65 AML-283 for lawn concentration experiments
  • Take recordings using lawns of 3 different concentrations
  • Continue trying to install Anaconda environment onto computer
  • Bleach old OP50-GFP
  • Maintain N2 (new), AML-283 and AML-284
  • Set up AML-284 crosses (x2)
  • Put camera settings onto the Wiki
  • Cross males AML-283 found by Jun


  • Taking photos of the lawn on my computer using Pylonviewer continues to be practically impossible - I sent a job ticket out to see if the issue could be fixed - could only get a lawn image for 0017 today
  • Spinning down protocol for higher concentrated lawns
    • 10,000 RPM for 30s
    • 500ul per spin down –> supernatent removed
    • Final 2x and 10x pellets were resuspended in 500ul LB broth
  • IMPORTANT - complete Log and upload onto Dropbox
  • Settings
    • 0017 - 2x lawn - G6 - 20 worms 1cm away
    • 0018 - 10x lawn - G5 - 10 worms 0.75cm away
    • 0019 - 1x lawn - G5 - 10 worms 0.5cm away
    • So even if the worms are starved then they still need to be placed as close to the lawn as possible - the concentration of the lawn doesn't seem to play much of a role in their ability to detect the lawn - might not want to starve the worms for too long though… less worms were finding the food after a while (less energy?)
    • G5 is too bright in the dark - if lights are on then it's fine
  • Jun found two potential males on his heat shock plates - has set them up for a cross for over the weekend
  • Wanted to put camera settings onto the Wiki but the file extension is forbidden apparently…

Accomplished this week

  • Began using my own laptop for recordings
  • Tried different control experimental parameters
    • Different lawn concentrations after starvation
    • Effect of starvation on pumping
  • Began setting up my computer to be able to analyze video recordings
  • Successfully maintained AML-284 cross
  • Began a course on learning Python

Goals for next week

  • BACK UP 0017, 0018 AND 0019!
  • Get image taking issue sorted - without lawns my data is less meaningful
  • Finish installing Anaconda environment onto computer
  • Hopefully AML-283 cross will have worked so I could start crossing with N2 - talk with Jun about this
  • Sync AML-283 for Thursday and Friday
  • Discuss absence next week with Monika and if any data recording would be done
  • No lawn control
  • More post-1hr starvation data
  • Begin analyzing different lawn concentration recordings - if not usable then consider when I can record again
  • Complete Log and put it on the Wiki - put in Dropbox as well
  • Find a way to put camera settings on the Wiki - make sure it's in Dropbox as well
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