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  • Finish 0006 manual data collection
  • Sync AML-283, AML-284 and N2
  • Set up O/N of OP50-GFP and streak onto LB-Amp plate


  • 0006 data put in dropbox for Monika - lawn line should be made thinner (e.g. 3) so pumping can still be measured if TB behind the line
  • Egg-laying in much higher proportions than usual after 2 hours - conditions between the three were almost all the same (15 worms, 2 hours egg-laying)
    • N2 laid the most eggs by a significant degree
    • AML-284 laid a surprising amount of eggs rivaling AML-283 when usually egg-laying is weaker
    • AML-283 surprisingly either on par with or less than AML-284 - will see what proportion hatch tomorrow
  • OP50-GFP O/N - 20ul Amp into 20ml LB for 1/1000 dilution
  • OP50-GFP streaking - 80ul LB + 20ul Amp spread onto plate - let dry for 10 min
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