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 +====== 11.2.20 ======
 +===== Objectives =====
 +  * Create final velocity script for taking single/multiple videos analyzed using pharaglow (with or without lawn) and have it run automatically after inputting directory names --> upload to Github and create README file
 +  * Sync GRU101
 +  * Re-streak OP50-GFP
 +  * Begin on code to analyze manual pumping of 0014
 +===== Observations =====
 +  * 0028-0031 were analyzed by Monika and contain too much GFP bleed-through using current YFP filter - will need to order a new one that better separates the two or transform OP50 with a different fluorescent marker e.g. RFP
 +    * VIDEOS THIS WEEK - will need to take bright field and potentially dark field images - let Monika know when recording happens
 +    * need to find a way to separate YFP and GFP signal otherwise JN1715 GFP marker spots might get in the way of analysis
 +  * Final velocity script additions:
 +    * created dictionary to match result names to respective lawn names for entry_trajectories figure
 +    * created a function to binarize the lawn when needed for above^
 +    * final debugging and cleaning up code
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