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  • Sync AML-283 for Friday
  • Continue analyzing first 5000 frames of 0017 using Python
  • Post project summary onto Wiki


  • 0017 - only 1 trajectory found instead of 2 - one worm might be outside of the maximum but didn't have time to restart analysis using different parameters
    • should change max. parameters to 1000
    • left pharaglow to run while I'm away - should be ready for Monday

While away...

  • I've discussed with Jun about maintaining my strains and setting up a cross with potential successful AML-283 males today or tomorrow - to maintain:
    • AML-283
    • AML-284
    • N2 new
    • GRU101 (yfp)
    • VC3113 (tax-4)
    • PR671 (tax-2)
  • Outline for data collection for the rest of this week
    • Wednesday
      • Set up O/N of OP50-GFP
    • Thursday
      • Morning - drop 1.75ul OP50-GFP into center of an unseeded plate and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes and put around 60 worms onto an unseeded plate to starve for 1hr over lunch
      • Afternoon - run set up seen on this page to take video recordings of the worms
    • Friday - same as Thursday except if possible it would be great to collect videos using no lawn (i.e. worms are swimming in M9 until dry and then recorded)
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