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 +====== 18.2.20 ======
 +===== Objectives =====
 +  * Digest PR671 PCR
 +  * Run gel of VC3113 and PR671 crosses PCR using plate lysate
 +  * Set up ON of OP50-GFP
 +===== Observations =====
 +  * PR671 conclusive - 2B and 8B will be kept while the others can be gotten rid of
 +  * N2 didn't show up in either gel - likely no worm in lysate since the same lysate was used for both N2 controls - will need to get rid of this one and use more than one lysate in the future just in case
 +  * VC3113 still not conclusive - could be a very faint band showing the worm is a heterozygote - will need to come up with a different way of identifying homozygotes and send for sequencing as well - will talk more about this with Jun tomorrow
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