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 +====== 18.5.20 ======
 +===== Objectives =====
 +  * Training with Natascha
 +    * Plates were too close to the fan in the incubator so the worms almost completely dried up
 +    * In case worms meant for tomorrow do not grow on time for Natascha to pick, I have picked ~80 L4s from today and transferred them onto 2 new 10cm plates - look a bit unhealthy though so would rather use worms meant for tomorrow instead
 +    * Today Natascha practiced picking 20 GRU101 - due to today'​s INF101 being unsuccessful and Thursday being a public holiday we will aim for setting up for Friday recordings
 +  * Fix bugs as they come up with video 0027
 +  * Begin looking up light and filter settings for microscope section of materials and methods
 +  * 0025 now has issues with loading - can look into tomorrow
 +  * Monika was using the new computer for running INF103 remotely so will look at all INF103 files and see if the parameters fit well tomorrow
 +  * Maintained odr-4 for Thursday picking
 +  * Maintained other strains as plates were starting to dry
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