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  • Test seeding volumes to make 4mm lawn
  • Seed plates using tested volume and leave to dry for tomorrow
  • Check on synchronized eggs
  • Check on chunked plates
  • Practice setting up crosses


  • Eggs have now hatched but number of larva seem low - might be that they were so small I missed them - will leave until 15:00 tomorrow (45.5 hours growth)
  • If not enough worms for measuring then would need to do it again
    • Leave for a longer time?
    • Add more gravid adults?
  • Crosses -
    • Very many males indicating cross was successful
    • However only a couple of half moon L4 hermaphrodites - from plate starvation might have gone into dauer state?
    • Would need to cross again earlier next time
  • Plate seeding - to make 4mm lawn I used 3.5μl of OP50 in the center of the plate - tried to keep the lawn consistently in the center by drawing the outline of the plate and putting a 4mm diameter circle in the middle - KEPT the drawing to use for dropping M9 a consistent distance away from the lawn


Tuesday 17:30 synch set up

Wednesday 11:00 test run of 20 AML-283 worms

Thursday 14:30 begin measurements with synched worms (AML-283/284)

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