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  • Test run of AML-283
  • Check 4mm seeded plates
  • Check synched AML-283/284 growth
  • Check other plates –> pick


  • Both AML-283 and AML-284 are slow growing and slow laying
    • Might be from fluorescent protein
    • New synching conditions:
      • 15-20x gravid adults needed for egg laying
      • try growing synched eggs for 72hrs
  • AML-284 from starved plate were mostly dauers which is why picking and egg laying were difficult
    • picked a new AML-284 plate
    • 2 egg-layers found on synching plate as well as about 20 eggs so will try my luck for Friday

Microscope testing

  • Used adult worms from chunked AML-283 plate for both test runs
  • Distance of 2cm from lawn too far –> about 1cm from the center is enough
  • Will try using smaller volume when seeding next time (e.g. 2.5-3ul) - would give more leeway to start the recording and fit screen better
  • Test plate 2:
  • Gain = 0.8
  • worms didn't go directly onto lawn once released from M9
  • only 6 worms in total (1 on left and 5 on right) - couldn't find any more worms on lawn plate for some reason and was worried M9 would dry
  • pressed recording button too late because of having to change folder –> keep window open and ready in the corner!
  • 3 worms managed to reach the patch
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