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20.12.19 Monika log


  • Take more videos and optimize settings further
    • 20 worms per plate
    • No binning
    • NZ0013 is an M9 control
  • Pick AML-283 and N2 onto 6cm and 10cm plate for maintenance
  • Pick AML-283, AML-284 and N2 onto 6cm plates for storage at 15C
  • Get rid of unnecessary plates from 15C
  • Fix issue with laptop not recognizing camera
  • Bleach OP50-GFP and leave in fridge for disposal
  • Clean down bench


  • Was difficult to focus 0013 especially around the edges - worms changed between swimming in the middle and dry around the edges - edges became blurry

For the new year

  • Heat shock as many plates of 5-10 worms as possible (staggered 2-4 hours at 30C)
    • Back cross AML-283 with N2
    • Cross AML-283 with tax-2 and tax-4
      • Every new strain needs to be checked for manual pumping to make sure the automatic counting is calibrated
  • Begin building microscopes
  • Interesting parameters for testing while crosses are being made:
    • Starvation (drop into M9 –> agar with no lawn for 1hr)
    • No lawn control - figure out how to focus properly to see pumping
    • Different lawn concentrations via centrifugation
      • 1x
      • 2x
      • 10x
  • Remember!!
    • Max on the 6th
    • If worms arrive on the 2nd then they need to be chunked


AML-283 and N2

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