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  • Check synched plates from Wednesday (46 hrs later)
  • Pick AML-283/284 for over weekend
  • Continue using ImageJ


  • Mortality rate of eggs might be a bit higher?
  • Borderline adult (BA) - dark grey with white band in the middle (smaller than expected - 3 day old adults are the really long fat ones) - ideally want between BA and 1st egg laying - would need to TIME this next week - observe between 45-50 hours every hour to find out ideal growth time
  • MIXED adults on synch plates - need to be more careful with picking all adults off and not transferring any eggs


  • 5000,2000,1 cropped - ROI gets through 6 slides then stops –> even when 90 points are placed
  • 1200,2000,3 cropped –> ROI doesn't even get to slide 3 - WHY? - says it needs more points to be put in between
  • Using AutoROI - says ROIs are all on the same slice? No time factor?
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