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 +====== 26.2.20 ======
 +===== Objectives =====
 +  * Pick 20 more JN1715 onto 10cm plates for over the weekend
 +  * Design primers for CB101 and IK105
 +  * Design new reverse primer within deletion sequence for tax-4
 +  * Try e-mailing for mCasp1 sequence sited under JN1715 to create genotyping primers
 +  * Begin counting pumping
 +===== Observations =====
 +  * JN1715 - very difficult to tell between homozygote and heterozygote for both pharyngeal YFP and belly GFP signals - could be that both genes are on the same chromosome since they haven't been mapped --> will need to put 20 more JN1715 onto 10cm plates so I can leave them over the long weekend
 +    * e-mail sent to author of JN1715 paper but e-mail bounced back
 +    * Jun will also be ordering a dye that dyes AWB - can be last step in checking whether the strain is correct or not
 +  * All primers designed except for JN1715 - this can wait until after F3 anyway - will need to double check and order
 +  * Counting pumping
 +    * Length of pumping doesn't really matter at this point - shortest length is 10 seconds in total
 +    * Can also maybe count 1 blurry one from 0035 that has a long trajectory - so 4 worms to be counted in total for varying lengths - will also be difficult to count do to worms overlapping each other
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