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 +====== 30.1.20 ======
 +===== Objectives =====
 +  * Set up GRU101 cross using 6cm and 3cm plates for comparison
 +  * Maintain all strains
 +  * ON OP50-GFP using plate from 16.12.19 to test difference in GFP vibrancy for lawn
 +  * Filter most of unwanted trajectories using mean(z) values and making sure t0 is greater than 0
 +  * Record GRU101 using lower gain (G0)
 +  * Continue running pharaglow on videos 0025-0027 (starved GRU101 on different lawn concentrations)
 +===== Observations =====
 +  * GRU101 cross quite successful - should be able to start crossing starting next week if I'm able to maintain it - ask Monika whether N2 cross is necessary still or if I should just move on to //tax-2// and //tax-4//
 +    * Question for Jun - is it the day after that I separate the hermaphrodites from the 3cm plates?
 +  * "subtract" not necessary under parameters for no lawn
 +  * Sometimes less "smooth" is actually better than lots of smooth especially when signal either weaker or some worms are smaller
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