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  • Sync AML-283 x2
  • Check on 30C HSs
  • Maintain worms
  • Check if AML-284 cross worked
  • Cross AML-284 again
  • Check if AML-283 cross worked
  • Let AMP dry on LB plate
  • Seed more 6cm and 10cm plates
  • 20ml O/N OP50-GFP


  • Heat shock AML-283
    • None of the heat shocks worked - no males found on any plates - could either be that males aren't present or still to small to see - will wait one more day and see
    • Jun has offered to try a HS at 37C - will need to check on Thursday
    • Will need to try HS at 30C again but for 6 hours
  • AML-283 cross
    • Single male found and crossed on Friday was unsuccessful - no males found on plate
  • Maintenance AML-283: additional 4 plates set up for maintenance
    • No males on any 5 of the maintenance plates
  • AML-284 cross
    • Successful - at least 12 males found including on plate the original male was found on
    • Two additional crosses were set up with the males that were found
  • Maintenance AML-284: 4 plates set up in case higher numbers are necessary in the future if AML-283 continues to be unsuccessful
  • Very low amount of eggs observed during sync of AML-283 today - even with 20 worms I had to leave for 2hrs instead of just 1hr


  • Put streaked OP50-GFP into fridge
  • Put OP50 ON into fridge
  • Sync AML-283 x2-3
  • Try 30C heat shock again for 6hrs (start after German class)
  • Re-streak OP50-GFP
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