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Feeding behavior mutations of interest

  • M4 (isthmus peristalsis), M3 and MC (pumping) are sufficient for nearly normal feeding behavior
  • eat-18 - necessary for EAT-2 function
  • Pumping still occurs without EAT-2 and MC
  • Δcca-1 - decreases potential of MC to trigger action potential –> reduced intake of food
  • Δegl-19
    1. myotonic group - muscle action potentials are prolonged and relaxation delayed
    2. flaccid group - slow muscle depolarization and feeble contraction
    3. lethal group - lacks all muscle contraction and dies as an embryo
  • eat-4 and avr-15 are necessary for M3 –> muscle transmission
  • Can uncouple TB and corpus
  • Δser-7 - MC not stimulated by serotonin
  • Δgbp-2 - muscarin signalling pathway becomes hyperactive
  • Δgar-3 - GAR-3 –> MPK-1 pathway is blocked - lower pumping during starvation
  • Δeat-2/eat-5 - high probability of leaving DA837, but 200 fold preference for DA837 over much larger B. megaterium
  • AIY interneuron - worms become strongly biased towards dwelling
  • Δact-5 - absorption mutant
  • Δegl-21 - don't produce most peptide signals - defective of satiety quiescence
  • Δpkg-1 - loss of function shows no SQ - necessary for SQ along with DAF-11 - tax-4 promoter rescues this SQ defect
  • Δtax-2 - no quiescence
  • ASI - potential lifespan extension via diet restriction
  • Δdaf-2/daf-7 - no SQ - higher than normal fat storage
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