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OP50 and seeding

OP50 and sterile technique

  • No selection for OP50 - need to have VERY good sterile technique to avoid contamination
  • Generally only the OP50 handling needs to be sterile - also when handling different genotypes/strains of worms to prevent crossing from one plate to another
  • Mites are a contaminant issue rather than bacteria
  • 10cm plates - more OP50 culture is ok - anywhere between 275ul-1ml - however more liquid means it dries slower
  • Use less OP50 culture when worm crosses (male and female mating) is desired
  • Prevent spreading OP50 culture to very edge of 3.5 and 6cm plates

Seeding 6cm plates

  • Contamination can be seen by eye
  • Pipette culture directly into the center
  • Leave overnight to dry - alternatively under time pressure can leave in fume hood with lid slightly cracked for an hour
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