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Outline planning


Objectives: Train to experiment with C. elegans and conduct the pumping/food level graph in an open system rather than in a microfluidics system

Learning Goals

1. Picking
2. Maintenance (agar and OP50)
3. Seeding
4. Using the microscope to measure feeding behavior
5. How to prepare worms for microscope measuring (different plates? background?)

Reading Goals

1. Stochastic feeding dynamics arise from the need for information and energy - for eventually conducting the pumping/food level graph in an open system
2. An Introduction to Worm Lab: from Culturing Worms to Mutagenesis - useful video on picking worms, creating plates and seeding
3. Methods for measuring pharyngeal behaviors - background on manual pharyngeal pump counting


1. Is there a plate of OP50 and plate of WT C.elegans I can try to maintain for a period of two weeks from scratch?
2. What strains of C. elegans do I need to carry out the experiments in (Reading1)? Or are they just WT?

Potential Timeline

Date Objective
7/11/19 Create reagents needed for SGM plates, OP50 (LB agar and broth), seeding and picking –> send to autoclave
8/11/19 Make NGM plates –> leave on bench to dry over the weekend
12/11/19 Streak single colony of OP50 or from glycerol depending on what's available
13/11/19 Set up O/N of OP50
14/11/19 Seed NGM plates using O/N culture –> leave to dry overnight, store unused O/N in alliquots and store at 4C if needed
15/11/19 Try picking worms onto my own seeded plates, store in 20C incubator over the weekend
18/11/19 Crash course on how to use the microscope to measure pharyngeal pumping action, continue to practice picking worms
18-22/11/19 Data collection?

Last week of November - data analysis and modifying next steps


Objective: Prepare to carry out research questions while continuing to practice caring for my plates

Research questions - thought process

How can we make an interesting project/set of projects that is still feasible within 10 months? And something that hopefully doesn't rely on someone having to pick up an unfinished project?

Stimulus bottlenecks to me is the most interesting but requires the longest amount of time unless a sub-project could be made from this. Best might be to continue work on preemptive pumping and the neural response related to determining food amounts. LOTS of reading to do in the meantime…

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