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Periodic Todos


A week in the lab is described in the Lab Manual in some detail. Here is an overview:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Purchasing Journal club/Group meeting
Seminar Individual meetings
backup code and data
PhD and PD seminar Update lab notebook
Google Friday



  • take a look at your code and thoroughly comment anything thats unclear. Even better if you let a colleague run sth. to test if it is understandable
  • Check if your code rrepository has a README, write or update yours


  • Is your current data structure sustainable (you can keep running things and not run out of space)
  • Is your data structure suitable for reproducible science (metadata, correct timestamp, longterm storag)
  • Do you need any additional computational or storage resources?
  • Would you like to brainstorm how to improve your data management with me?


  • What have you worked on this month - are there intermediate figures that could be useful?
  • Are these figures stored somewhere (like you lab notebook) with a caption that will help us know exactly what is shown?
  • Are your figures in useful formats (svg, pdg, ai, or even better: in code)


  • Are you missing anything to make your experiments go better?
  • Are all experimental protocol detailed on the wiki? And up-to-date?


  • Update the strain and plasmid list
  • print, sign and store Plasmids and strain list
  • Thaw worm strains to reset


  • Big lab cleaning
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