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A lab reading list will be curated for our journal clubs. We will likely use zotero. This list is for books, blogs, articles of a more general nature. Please edit as you find interesting and valuable resources.

General C. elegans maintenance

Wormbook has everything from protocols to review articles. it's a great starting point to get familiar with the organism.

wormBase is the resource for genetics and cloning. It has the sequenced reference genome, functional annotations for mutants, protein homologies etc.

Wormatlas is the original resource for anatomical information about the Worm. A copy of the original Atlas (prints of the EM scans with annotations) can be borrowed from Monika.

Strain name conventions Beginner’s guide of C. elegans basic genetics

Useful online tools is the strain repository for worms. We depositi published strains there and order worms off this website. a nice visualization tool for the connectome. the left sidebar has supporting information on expression, and function with citations. Unfortunately this is not updated anymore.

Science and Lab conduct

At the bench (Kathy Barker) : A general introduction into conduct, lab procedures and how labs work. It's great if you come from a computational or Physics background or if you want to refresh your knowledge on wet-lab howtos. A copy can be borrowed from Monika.

Science as a career

Since we are a worm lab, Sidney Brenner is our scientific great-grandfather. He used to write a column about science which is both excellent and relevant to this day. I recommend browsing through it.

Loose Ends and False Starts by Sidney Brenner

Introductory reading for our lab

These papers are an ideal start. Powerpoint presentations can be found on our dropbox.

Recommended reading

Reading Fall 2020

Introduction to version control (git)

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