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Kostenstelle (grant number)



Please make sure that we are actually out of stuff before ordering more! If you see that something is running low, put it on the purchasing list! Purchasing List

Hardware and Software

Standard (cables, screws, posts, mounts): Buy it!

Non-standard or multiple options Talk to me or best, send me a quick email with the item, a link to a website and where you need it.

Worm strains


preferred: Send your strain requests to Jun or put them on the purchasing list. Jun will handle ordering from CGC.


  1. make a cgc account using INF (our lab code) to affiliate your account with the lab.
  2. make sure your billing and shipping address are correct:

Billing address

research center caesar
dept. purchasing
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn, Germany

Shipping adress:

research center caesar
Dr. Monika Scholz (exchange for your name)
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn, Germany

  1. order your strain through the online cart system
  2. use the purchase order (PO) option for payment
  3. write the following text in the textbox: Please use the conditions as agreed in the PO 4500010205. For shipping, please use FedEx account number: Fedex: 2172-1866-7 Please send tracking no. airbill and commercial invoice to for customs clearance. Thank you!

- forward the email confirmation and eventually the tracking number to

Other labs

please send me a draft email before reaching out to other labs for strains. The email to outside labs should go roughly as follows:


Dear Dr. XXX,

I am a xxx from Monika Scholz’ group (CCed in this email) at the Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (Caesar), Germany. We study how pharyngeal pumping is regulated during foraging in C. elegans.

I read your paper titled “xxx” with great interest and thought your strain xxx would be helpful for us to label the xxx neurons. Could you please kindly share with us? Of course we will pay for shipping costs using our FedEx account. Thank you very much!

Our address is
Jun Liu
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
Bonn, Germany
Postal code: 53175

Best regards,
Jun Liu

Our Fedex account is 2172-1866-7.

Optional: Our VAT # is DE 183 362 587

Our address is as follows:
Jun Liu
Stiftung Caesar
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49 228 9656 – 341

Please include this only if you order reagent from outside EU: In addition, please also kindly inform us the FedEx tracking number upon shipment so that our purchasing department can arrange with the German authorities for custom clearance. Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Jun Liu

HS code when you order outside EU

C. elegans 10690000000
Plasmid 30029050900
Bacteria 30029050900
MINJ 5 and 6 85439000000
Virus 30029090900

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